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Fairbanks, ALASKA 99707

Roving Satellite Grid Contacts 2010-2014.

Roving Alaskan Grid Trip June 2014.  Six new roving grids from 4 satellites in 7 grids in six days.

105 QSO's on AO-7, VO-52, SO-50, and FO-29.

BP74, 8 Jun 2014, Delta Junction, AK
BP83, 8 Jun 2014, Tok, AK
BP61/62, 9 Jun 2014, Nelchina, AK
BP51, 9-10 Jun 2014, Palmer, AK
BP41/51, 11 Jun 2014, Big Lake, AK
BP42/52, 13 Jun 2014, Talkeetna, AK.

Thanks to Star Comm Group for getting the word out about my Alaskan Grid Roving Trip.

QSL information for contacts after 10 February 2009: LOTW,  or SASE

Previous call signs: 

KL1R (1996-2009)

NL7DU (1983-1996)

KA6OYD (1981-1983)

April 4, 2013 12:39pm local time.   Cow Moose in driveway caught on driveway cam's motion detector.