March 2015

QSL Preferred VIA   LOTW or SASE


PO Box 72933

Fairbanks, ALASKA 99707

Roving Satellite Grid Contacts 2010-2015.

2015...Roving in Arizona and California

2015 Roving Grid Trip Lower 48 States.  Worked from 20 Grids adding 13 new grids to our Roving Grid List.  Now at 106 Roving Grids in Alaska and the Lower 48 States.


Roving Alaskan Grid Trip June 2014.  Six new roving grids from 4 satellites in 7 grids in six days.

105 QSO's on AO-7, VO-52, SO-50, and FO-29.

BP74, 8 Jun 2014, Delta Junction, AK
BP83, 8 Jun 2014, Tok, AK
BP61/62, 9 Jun 2014, Nelchina, AK
BP51, 9-10 Jun 2014, Palmer, AK
BP41/51, 11 Jun 2014, Big Lake, AK
BP42/52, 13 Jun 2014, Talkeetna, AK.

Thanks to Star Comm Group for getting the word out about my Alaskan Grid Roving Trip.

QSL information for contacts after 10 February 2009: LOTW,  or SASE

Previous call signs: 

KL1R (1996-2009)

NL7DU (1983-1996)

KA6OYD (1981-1983)

April 4, 2013 12:39pm local time.   Cow Moose in driveway caught on driveway cam's motion detector.